It would be wrong to call Marmaris a shopper’s paradise, but there are still things worth buying. You will not find most of the big brands, other than in copied form. Should you still want to buy, then take an hour or two wandering the bazaar, to get an idea of range and price levels.

There is also the real stuff. In the northern part of the bazaar, there is a shoe shop selling bona fide Converse at reasonable prices. If you want an easy way of telling copy from original without being an expert, try this: If it is too cheap to be true, it most likely is. If you have to consider the price a little, it is a good sign pointing towards an original.

If you are looking for jewellery or other forms of corporeal ornamentation, we recommend the largest shop in Marmaris, aptly named ‘Gold Center’.

Leather jackets, bags, belt and suchlike of good quality are on sale at Silvio Leather.

Sunglasses, glasses and eye examinations are offered at Avos Optik, in the bazaar. The shop is open every day, from early morning until midnight.

If you are on the lookout for local souvenirs, like a Hookah, or water pipe, you’ll find it all at Aladdins’ cave, in the bazaar.

If you want an easy introduction to Marmaris, come along on our city-tour, free of charge every Saturday and Monday. We’ll show you the shops with a good record, and which shops to be wary of.